Alexeli (pronounced “alex el-ee”) is located along the western foothills of the Cascade Mountains, just 45 minutes south of the Portland Metro area, in Oregon’s beautiful East Willamette Valley. We take pride in raising healthy, LIVE-certified fruit for handcrafted estate wines. Our operations are intimate and hands on from picking to pressing to pouring.

Our goals at Alexeli are to create unique and high-quality wines that ultimately bring people together, either around the dinner table, during celebration or here at the vineyard. The hard work and challenges that come with vineyard management, wine-making and caring for the land are enriching and something we enjoy sharing with our community of friends, family, neighbors and patrons. We hope to continue to grow in areas of sustainability, community work parties, education, and the always rewarding areas of patience and respect for mother nature.


Alexeli vineyard is home to Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Muller-Thurgau European grape varietals, planted in 1980 and 1981. A small plot of Syrah was also planted in 2012. Our vines are own rooted and cane pruned on a high wire system to increase sun and wind exposure, thus creating a preventative disease control system that has enabled us to control disease with just sulfur and oils. We value sustainable practices in the vineyard and have achieved LIVE certification.

Anita Katz and her two sons, Phil and Tony Kramer, acquired the property in 2007 and began improvements on the tasting room, winery, then 28-year-old vineyard and 60-acre property. Alexeli, a combination of Phil and Tony’s middle names, became the new label. The passion and focus of Alexeli was and continues to be about a commitment to quality over quantity and a respect for the earth and what she provides.


PHIL KRAMER . Co-owner,¬†winemaker and vineyard manager, Phil is our fix-it, solve-it, build-it, hands-on project man, involved with every step of the process here at Alexeli. Phil attended RPI for his undergrad in engineering and the University of Illinois at Chicago for his masters in Urban Planning and Design. Throughout his education, he spent time learning and working in sustainable agriculture. After several years working as an urban planner in Chicago and Philadelphia, Phil’s passion for farming called him to Oregon. Vineyard management and wine-making have been self-taught skills since then and he is both inspired and humbled by the craft and challenges of caring for the grapes in every stage of winemaking. Phil is also the head winemaker for Coopers Hall Winery in Portland, a venture for which he is also a partner.








HEIDI KRAMER .¬†Heidi assists with vineyard and winery work and especially enjoys time spent caring for the tasting room gardens. Heidi also brings her background in photojournalism to Alexeli’s website and marketing.








ANITA KATZ . Co-owner Anita assists with harvest and bottling and enjoys applying her interests and skills to the family business.