From the Vineyard: Spring 2014 + LIVE certification

It has been a very busy spring! Which is why you haven’t heard from us in quite a while. Well, wait no more! The vineyard is looking beautiful at the moment, as she usually does this time of year. We planted about 200 baby Tempranillo and Gamay vines this spring, an exciting addition to our diversity of varieties here at Alexeli. Flowering began in the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay last week, leading us to believe it could be another early harvest this year.

The 2014 harvest will be our first harvest as a LIVE certified vineyard. If you are not familiar, LIVE is a certification of environmentally and socially responsible wine growing in the Pacific Northwest. It’s how we’ve always grown the grapes, but this way we are part of an ever expanding list of vineyards committed to responsible practices. Hopefully that list continues to grow!

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