From The Vineyard: June

Happy Summer! We’ve had a busy spring here at Alexeli. The vineyard is looking beautiful as we’ve already suckered the vines and thinned shoots out. Next we’ll organize the fruiting shoots so that they are evenly spaced out to create a roomy environment for the fruit to grow. The vines have bloomed and most of [...]

From the Vineyard: Spring 2014 + LIVE certification

It has been a very busy spring! Which is why you haven’t heard from us in quite a while. Well, wait no more! The vineyard is looking beautiful at the moment, as she usually does this time of year. We planted about 200 baby Tempranillo and Gamay vines this spring, an exciting addition to our [...]

From the Vineyard: May

We’ve started our 2013 farmer tans with several unseasonably hot, dry days this last month. Bud break arrived around April 13th and the shoots have been pushing growth pretty quickly since then … time to finish the vineyard clean up and begin rubbing buds this next month. Also waiting to see the results of our [...]

From the Vineyard: March

We’ve spent the last month in the vineyard; pruning, tightening wires and laying down canes, and we’re just days away from having all the vines in position for the 2013 growing season. Seeing the geometry of the vineyard in this stage is always a beautiful site. We’ll move into the winery at the beginning of [...]

From the Vineyard: February

We’re well into pruning over here in the vineyard and it’s an amazing thing to see last year’s vineyard improvements taking shape. In 2012 we began the long process of turning over portions of the vineyard from a double curtain system to a single wire to reduce fruit from bud break. This year we’re beginning [...]

From the Vineyard: December

We’ve wound down the 2012 vintage into a state of aging and rest. That’s why we went crabbing this past weekend and enjoyed our bountiful catch with various vintages of AlexEli Riesling and Gewurztraminer … so very delicious! Our newest releases, Nuages Syrah Grenache Cuvee 2010 and Pinot Noir 2010, showed very well over Thanksgiving [...]

From the Vineyard: 2012 Harvest

Harvest was a spectacular sight here on the vineyard. We brought in our vineyard’s 30th harvest in warm sunshine and fall colors! The harvest was highlighted by exceptionally ripe fruit, good friends and smooth fermentations. Estate Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer, Muller-Thurgau, Riesling and Chardonnay all came in without a hitch and from Gold Vineyard and Daisy [...]

From the Vineyard: September

Just this week the birds arrived in the vineyard. This is a good indicator of being ahead of schedule relative to the past few years here. Acids have steadily fallen and sugars are up but just so far that a slow ripening will continue for just a couple more weeks. It will be the 24.5 [...]

From the Vineyard: 2011 Harvest

We’re in the middle of harvest here at AlexEli – long days, cold fingers, beautiful fruit and so much juice! It is the most beautiful time of year watching all of the fruit come into the winery, surrounded by friends and family that have found time to help pick, press and get sticky. The Riesling [...]

From the Vineyard: Re-Trellising

In the vineyard we’re making plans to re-trellis the vines from the current Geneva Double-Curtain to Vertical Shoot Positioning. We’ve begun this process by leaving suckers near the bottom of the existing trunks with hopes to train them to a new fruiting wire next spring. The inspiration of this transformation lays in the idea that [...]